Talks DAIDO MORIYAMA / SIMON BAKER A conversation with the iconic Japanese artist Daido Moriyama and the new Director of the MEP, Simon Baker. ON THE NEW SECTOR CURIOSA: EROTICISM, BODIES AND SEXUAL IDENTITIES Organised by Martha KIRSZENBAUM Friday 9 November AUDITORIUM - LEVEL 1 Conceived as a response and a theoretical complement to Curiosa, the series of talks organized by Martha Kirszenbaum, curator and art critic will question to what extent erotic photography can appear as a point of departure to redefine the representations of our relation to the body and the expression of sexual and social identities. We will firstly attempt to deconstruct the male gaze, often associated with traditional erotic imagery, particularly through rethinking gender hierarchies and feminist practices. Then we will emphasize on the representation of endangered bodies as objects of political struggle against racial or social discrimination — the black body, the sick body. Finally, we will develop the connection between sexuality and self-representation through post-gender issues and biological control of our own sexuality.


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