Boris Mikhailöv Courtesy: Suzanne Tarasiève Gallery

Yesterday's Sandwich (1968-1979) is one of Boris Mikhaïlov’s first artistic projects. The images are obtained by overlaying two colour slides and mounting them onto a single frame. Unlike a photographic collage, which is a synthesis between two or more images (of which the Russian constructivist tradition features numerous examples), there is here a superposition and an accumulation. The result is comparable to certain cinematographic techniques, but there is a fundamental difference: while movie shots follow a script, Mikhaïlov uses classic shots for his overlays. Also, with Yesterday's Sandwich (1968-1979), he rejects the autonomy of a single photography and intervenes in the final choice by overlaying images. With this method, he creates a surreal and unstable world that integrates symbols of communism, naked bodies, religion and reminders of the people’s living conditions. The slide show is accompanied by the music of Pink Floyd (The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973), chosen by the artist at the time and honored with his photography. Viewings: Saturday 10 NOV - 2PM MASQUÉ(E)S (74')- projection series including "Yesterday's sandwich" Sunday 11 NOV - 4PM MASQUÉ(E)S (74')- projection series including "Yesterday's sandwich"