Rinko Kawauchi 2017 (7’) Courtesy CHRISTOPHE GUYE Galerie

Everything seems like dust, hazy in the gloom. The truth appears as a glimmer, in a world below zero.Its ephemerality, a harsh reality.Dust, snow, rain, and scrap iron—spheres, all of them. Bird droppings on a car bonnet. The same, no different. It’s no accident that galaxies and whirling waves share the same shape. Longing to see beautiful things. In awe of things existing yet invisible. Holding on to countless emotions, all intertwined, and stepping forward. Using something small, shining, and distant as a light source. Being led to a place deep in shadow. As I entered, snow fell. Thought it was snow but it was the starling’s droppings. Looking down, snow lies on the ground. Thought it was the rain of blessings. It was also the rain of sorrow. A beautiful halo of light was visible in the distance. Viewing: Thursday 8 NOV - 6PM Projection series of the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection - (29')