Tacita Dean 1999 - 23’’ - Color, sound Courtesy: cnap (centre national des arts plastiques)

Tacita Dean’s works always take the form of an investigation, of a journey in search of abandoned objects, missing characters. Her approach consists in documenting a real or supposed event, starting from a collection of clues or singular traces, restoring memory during the quest. Thus, her interest turns towards the lonely adventurers of Land Art and the "disappearance" of the artwork within a territory, such as the works of Bas Jan Ader or Robert Smithson… Narrative stories and journalistic investigations feed the work of Tacita Dean, which combines fiction and documentary while focusing on the established contiguity between singular and anonymous destinies, or information. Gone to a Caribbean island looking for a wreck of the adventurer Donald Crowhurst, who disappeared in sea after the invention of her fictional victory at the Golden Globe in 1969, she discovers the “Bubble house” (1999), built by a French sentenced to thirty five years of prison before the completion of the work. The movie/film “Bubble House” (1999) evokes, through a consideration of modernist architecture, the short-circuit standing between the idea of future and ruin, utopia and adventure. Viewings: Thursday 8 NOV - 4PM DÉCOMPOSÉ(E)S (99')- projection series including "Bubble House" Saturday 10 NOV - 4PM DÉCOMPOSÉ(E)S (99')- projection series including "Bubble House"