Marina Faust
1998 – 26’6'  - Noir et blanc, son
Courtesy: cnap (centre national des arts plastiques)

"It's in motion, in physical effort, in exhaustion, that I try to define a state. Set up a disorientation, a shift, from reality (…) Indeed, since “Self-portraits in action” (1988-1989, where the artist photographed with one hand what the other was doing, until recent video pieces, the work of Marina Faust has always consisted in measuring a gap, to take the measure of a distance. Between oneself and oneself, between oneself and the other, between objects, focusing on indexing positions, in topologies, flows of images and words, in the mode of fragment, shortcut, ellipse; her works scripts situations of imbalance, of latent conflicts, of fundamental strangeness which stage an anonymous narrator whose body is the thread recurring and conductor within the fiction.
With 95969798, space, time and body are arranged according cutting games drawing dotted configurations: kinds of fetishized representations and a theater of the strange, which writes Marina Faust’s work in the perspective of a beyond than Viennese Actionism.


Saturday 10 NOV - 2PM
MASQUÉ(E)S (74')- projection series including "95969798"

Sunday 11 NOV - 4PM
MASQUÉ(E)S (74')- projection series including "95969798"