Book signings

Guadalupe Rosales 
Map Pointz
Little Big Man Books
Los Angeles, 2018
“It’s an inherent challenge to represent archival material and also make it contemporary and relevant,” remarks Maddox, “but Map Pointz succeeds in doing just that.” The book presents the ongoing digital archive Map Pointz, curated by artist Guadalupe Rosales. The collection aims to preserve the Latinx youth party and rave scenes of SoCal from the 1990s as part of a larger archival project called Veteranas y Rucas. Since 2015, Rosales has been collecting family portraits, casual party snapshots, and other material to create an accurate and inclusive representation of her community as a way to combat its erasure. Initially launched on Instagram, the archives were enthusiastically greeted with an outpouring of community participation. Maddox observes, “This book fuses the personal and the collective in a very powerful and compelling way.” Using full-page bleeds, bright colors, and collages, its bold design and edit capture the spirit of the work. Seen both online and in exhibitions and installations, these photographs, flyers, and cultural artifacts now coalesce in photobook form as a lasting time capsule or aide-mémoire.