© Wes.M.B - Caught in a Beam of light
© Wes.M.B - Caught in a Beam of light




The annual NEXT-IMAGE Awards are an important part of Huawei’s overarching NEXT-IMAGE programme to redefine visual expression and culture through more professional and intuitive smartphone cameras.

Launched in 2017, the awards provide Huawei smartphone users from around the world with a gallery where they can showcase their best work to a global audience. In the 2018 edition, over 400,000 images submitted to the Awards from over 130 different countries, resulting in 600 chosen finalists.

The 2018 HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards are broken down into six categories: Good Night, Faces, Hello, Life!, Check-In, Timeline and Storyboard.

The exhibition is presented in the Huawei space, J15.