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Justyna Mielnikiewicz
Ukraine Runs through It
Poznań, Poland, 2019
Through visual and text-driven storytelling, Ukraine Runs through It is a reflection on the impact caused by the recent Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. In 2014, Justyna Mielnikiewicz began documenting life in Ukraine, using the Dnipro River, which runs the length of Ukraine, as a recurring point of reference. Her work examines the experiences of those living in the aftermath of war. Wiesner notes that “Mielnikiewicz constructs the country’s dramatic present via the metaphorical dividing line of the river.” This notion is also reflected in the design of the book. When opened, the book is split into two smaller books; the left side contains the compelling stories of those impacted by the conflict, their portraits, and extended captions by Mielnikiewicz. The right side contains only photographs and portrays daily life as it continues to unfold despite the turmoil around it. Ukraine Runs through It is a passionate, committed study of how everyday life persists despite the upheavals of social and political change.