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Drew Nikonowicz 
This World and Others Like It
Fw:Books and Yoffy Press
Amsterdam and Atlanta, 2019
This World and Others Like It showcases Drew Nikonowicz’s ongoing exploration of the divide between traditional and emerging modes of photography. Throughout his work, he evokes the conventions of nineteenth-century geographical-survey images while demonstrating the profound possibilities of twenty-first-century technology. Designed by award-winning publisher and designer Hans Gremmen, this book combines studio-constructed images, computational photography, and traditional large-format landscape photographs. The resulting images are often sublime, but the processes used in creating each image are never disclosed. The book invites the reader to look closely and to ruminate on the questions of reality versus fiction, and the natural versus man-made. Amanda Maddox praises the bookmaking collaboration by saying, “Nikonowicz’s work is a perfect match for Gremmen’s vision as a designer. Both individuals are interested in this idea of the frontier—not just in terms of landscape that Nikonowicz depicts, but also in exploring how far they can push a design, the idea of photography, and what a book can be—they extend the limits of the book as a form.”