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Claudia Andujar: A Luta Yanomami
Thyago Nogueira, ed.
Instituto Moreira Salles
São Paulo, 2018

Produced on the occasion of the expansive exhibition Claudia Andujar: A luta Yanomami (The Yanomami Struggle), this catalogue is the first comprehensive survey of Andujar’s long-term commitment to photographing the Yanomami—an indigenous South American tribe living in the Amazon between Venezuela and Brazil. Since the early 1970s, Andujar has embedded herself into the Yanomami community, using photography as a tool for communication, connection, and understanding. Laid out chronologically, the book starts with Andujar’s photographs of shamanistic rituals, moves into her beautifully rich portraits of the Yanomami people, and concludes with photographs taken during vaccination campaigns. The book incorporates a number of subtle design choices that enhance the experience of looking at the work, alternating between various paper stock and layout approaches to differentiate the bodies of work. “Andujar has created one of the most expressive and important photographic records of the twentieth century,” states juror Christoph Wiesner. “This comes at a critical moment, with the current crises—both political and environmental—taking place in Brazil.”