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    In the twenty years since Horacio Fernández first wrote Fotografía Pública (MNCARS, 1999), the first landmark book to position the scholarship of books and magazines as a topic of critical importance to the photographic medium, “book about books” has become a genre of publishing unto itself. Each year, the PhotoBook Awards jury sees at least one well-researched, richly illustrated publication that presents some new facet of photobibliophilia—often using the filter of a particular region or city or even a particular thematic niche. This year, however, the jury noted a rise in the number of books about books that exceeded expectation in terms of design, like Printed Photography in Venezuela; or ventured into new territory, telling the story of a single notable magazine, like Camera Austria International: Laboratory for Photography and Theory. Each of these volumes, in its own way, adds additional detail and texture to the evolving connoisseurship and scholarship dedicated to the photobook.

    Camera Austria International: Laboratory for Photography and Theory
    Museum der Moderne Salzburg
    Spector Books
    Leipzig, Germany, 2019
    Czech and Slovak Photo Publications, 1918–1989
    Manfred Heiting, ed.
    Göttingen, Germany, 2019 
    Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler: Light and Shadow—Photographs 1920 to 1950
    Hans-Michael Koetzle, ed.
    Kehrer Verlag
    Heidelberg, Germany, 2019
    How We See: Photobooks by Women
    Russet Lederman, Olga Yatskevich, and Michael Lang, eds.
    10x10 Photobooks
    New York, 2018
    Inner World: Modern Argentine Photography 1927–1962
    Facundo de Zuviría, ed.
    Fundación Malba
    Buenos Aires, 2019
    Photobook Belge: 1954–Now
    Tamara Berghmans, ed.
    Hannibal Publishing
    Belgium, 2019
    Printed Photography in Venezuela
    Sagrario Berti, ed.
    Ricardo Báez, Sagrario Berti, and La Cueva Casa Editorial
    Venezuela, 2019
    Queer Publishing: A Family Tree
    Bernhard Cella and Orlando Pescatore, eds.
    Salon für Kunstbuch
    Vienna, 2019