© Patrick Tourneboeuf
© Patrick Tourneboeuf
The Platform

Diane Dufour

10 Nov - 5:30PM to 7PM
Auditorium Level 1

Diane Dufour is the founder and Director of LE BAL (2010), a contemporary arts centre in Paris dedicated to images (photography, video, film, new media). She has been the curator of some thirty exhibitions in France and abroad (Anonymes - L’Amérique sans nom, Topographies de la guerre, Paul Graham, Images à charge - la construction de la preuve par l’image, Provoke, entre contestation et performance …) and co-published numerous books (Mark Cohen - Dark Knees, Lewis Baltz - Common Objects, Provoke…). She also contributed to fostering emerging young artists (Mohamed Bourouissa, Noémie Goudal, Clément Cogitore, Batia Suter …)