Gastropoda, Joan Fontcuberta, Courtesy: Françoise Paviot


Joan Fontcuberta
Courtesy: Françoise Paviot Gallery

The artist lives in the countryside, in a very wet zone. The factor deposits its correspondence in a letter-box. If the mail is not taken in time, the snails arrive in herd to eat the invitations of the museums and the galleries. These invitations are illustrated with photographic reproductions of images and other works of art. The voracious action of snails reduces them in crumbs, allowing the entrails paper to overlap the remainders of the printed image.


Saturday 10 NOV - 2PM
MASQUÉ(E)S (74')- projection series including "Gastropoda"

Sunday 11 NOV - 4PM
MASQUÉ(E)S (74')- projection series including "Gastropoda"