Book signings

Maisie Cousins
Rubbish, Dipping Sauce, Grass Peonie Bum 
Trolley Books
London, 2019
The images in Maisie Cousins’s first monograph are selected from three of her most notable series—the source of the book’s Joycean, word-salad title. Densely composed mash-ups of fruit and flowers, bodies and insects are presented full-bleed in the pages of this large-format, vibrantly printed book, with its blinged-out gold foil cover. Cousins has constructed her compositions with enticing juxtapositions of tactility and texture. Reinforced by heavily saturated color combinations coated with a viscous sheen on glossy paper, the images function as highly charged puzzle pieces. Every turn of the page invites the viewer to question the semblance of the everyday and its subsequent disconnect. “Juicy, fleshy, and bursting,” Milter says of the images. “You just want to reach out and touch them.”