• Picture from Heavenly bodies by Vishnu Dass


    Vishnu Dass
    80'- 2019
    Courtesy of the Steven Arnold Archive and Galerie FAHEY/KLEIN

    Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston narrates this exploration of the spectacularly dreamlike world of Salvador Dalí protégé, Steven Arnold, and his strikingly creative and influential body of work. Arnold’s genre-bending oeuvre reveals a singular vision merging Hollywood camp, ancient practices, and surrealist whimsy. Taken from over 70 hours of footage, and featuring memorable interviews with Ellen Burstyn, Simon Doonan, Stuart Comer and more, STEVEN ARNOLD: HEAVENLY BODIES paints a remarkable picture of the inspiring life of this unheralded multimedia artist and countercultural icon.


    Thursday, November 7th - 3pm
    Saturday, November 9th - 5pm