Shirley Bruno 11'- 2017 Shirley Bruno is a Haitian-American director living and working between Paris, New York and Haiti. Her films address the subject of myths and history; a mixture of documentary and fiction, very specifically inspired by the cultures of the Caribbean. In An excavation of us, produced in 2017, she explores the history of Haiti once more, taking a boat trip inside a cave and producing a powerful cinematographic device of drop shadows that evoke the violence and killings of the Napoleonic soldiers. Shot in the cave of Port-Piment in Haiti, the film evokes and celebrates the memory of Marie Jeanne Lamartinière, who in 1804 took part in the battles against slavery and for independence. The film literally explores this history and our own memories or non-memories, much like the filmmaker Sharuna Bartas does with the memory of Lithuanian history in Few of us. Screenings: Thursday, November 7th - 5pm Sunday, November 10th - 3.30pm