Carte Blanche – Jury 2019

Vincent MARCIHacy


Vincent Marcilhacy joined Agence VU' in 1996 where he successively held several positions
before creating the Special Projects department there. He created VU's 20-year campaign in
2006 (which gave rise to numerous publishing projects, conferences and exhibitions) and then
continued to develop it through collective projects in which he proposed to photographers to
confront contemporary issues. In 2008, he created VU MAG, a biannual journal with the
objective of decompartmentalizing our approach to photography. Each issue presents a
reflection around a theme in photography and any other form of artistic creation interacting
with still imagery. In 2009, he took over the management of Galerie VU ;founded in 1997. He
supported its development in France and internationally until 2012. In 2013, Vincent
Marcilhacy created The Eyes Publishing, which he has since developed through the
publication of a collectible photography magazine, The Eyes, photography books and
consulting activities in the field of photography and publishing. Vincent Marcilhacy manages
Picto Foundation, the Picto Laboratories endowment fund, which he created with Philippe
Gassmann, current Picto Group executive.