Carte Blanche – Jury 2019



Graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2016, Laure Tiberghien lives and works
in Paris.
Laure Tiberghien explores the limits of the photographic medium by questioning its two
fundamental elements, light and time. She also works with moving imaged in correlation
with the still imaged. By using these elements, she creates irreproducible and
therefore unique objects in photography and film.
In 2017, she participated in the Beaux Art’s May exhibition Félicita 17 and in the
group exhibition, Agora, organized by the collective 2a1 at R-2 gallery. In October, at
the invitation of the gallery Françoise Paviot, she presented her first personal
exhibition, La Société Lumière, at Espace Van Gogh in Arles. In early 2018, she
participated in La Pause Residency in the Agafay desert. She was then invited to
exhibit for Anour_404 at the Gallery Sel du désert in Marrakech. In November, the
Montreuil gallery, Lumière des Roses presented her work at Paris Photo and in February
2019 will follow with a personal exhibition at the gallery. She is currently exhibiting
at ArTsenal in Dreux with six other photographers and will participate in the new Louis
Roederer Discovery Award at the Rencontre d'Arles this year.