Talks & conversations 


Paris Photo presents
Artist Talks by The Eyes
Organized by The Eyes magazine, the Artist Talks put into perspective the link between the artist and the book in their artistic practice, editorial approach and in their publications.
In an intimate and friendly atmosphere, each artist will share with the audience their experience around their most recent publication in a set format of 10 minutes, followed by a Q&A.
In all 37 artists selected by the editorial board of The Eyes magazine are invited to participate in one of the 3 sessions of 45 minutes organized each day at Paris Photo.
Venue / Schedule: Paris Photo, Balcon d’honneur, level 1
12 sessions of 45 min. / 37 artists
Every day from Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th at 2pm/3pm/4pm
Programme subject to change


2pm-2:45pm // iN english
Heinz Peter Knes (Lienart Editions)
Andre Principe (Pierre von Kleist Editions / Carlos Carvalo Arte Contemporanea)
Tom Wood (Textuel, Galerie Sit Down)

3pm-3:45pm // in english
Aaron Schuman (Mack Books)
Geert Goiris (Roma Publications)
Joel Sternfeld (Steidl, Galerie Xippas)

4pm-4:45pm // in english
Martino Marangoni (The Eriskay Connection)
Paul Cupido (Bildhalle, Kahmann Gallery)
Bruce Gilden (Xavier Barral)

frIday, NOVEMBer 8

2pm-2:45pm // in french
Zhen Shi (La maison de Z)
Carolle Benitah (L’Artière, Galerie 127)
Valerie Belin (Xavier Barral)

3PM-3:45PM // IN english
Winner of the Paris Photo-Aperture Prize
Henk Wildschut (self-published)
Joel Meyerowitz (Aperture)

4pm-4:45pm // in english
Miho Kajioka (The (M) Editions, Ibasho Paris)
Katrien de Blauwer (Libraryman, Filles du Calvaire)
Martin Parr (Maison CF Paris)

SAturday, NOVEMBer 9

2pm-2:45pm // CARTE BLANCHE students 2019
Fernando Marante
Giulia Parlato
Samuel Fordham
Chris Hoare

3pm-3:45pm // in english
Massimo Vitali (Steidl)
Anastasia Samoylova (Steidl)
Roger Ballen (Thames & Hudson, Galerie Karsten Greve)

Camille Lévêque (work in progress)
Alice Quaresma (Éditions Bessard)
Lisa Barnard (Mack Books)

sunday, november 10

2pm-2:45pm // in english 
Sohrab Hura (self-published)
Malgorzata Stankiewicz (Meta / Books)
Pino Musi (Artphilein Editions)

3pm-4pm // in english
Ludovic Carème (Éditions Xavier Barral)
Emilie Hallard (Maria Inc.)
Thibault Brunet (Mille Cailloux)
Marwan Assaf (The Eyes)