Crédits photo: Camille Degeye

Ismaïl Bahri

Spending his time between Paris and Tunis,
Ismaïl Bahri makes elementary, empirical gestures and focuses on ‘what happens next’, what these actions have him do. He then creates what he calls a ‘recording mechanism’ to capture these gestures. It is very often out of the corner of our eye that the meaning surfaces, in the incremental emergence of the world around as it materialises and reveals its presence. 

Ismaïl Bahri’s work is currently the subject of a monographic exhibition at the Jeu de Paume gallery in Paris. His work has been shown in various locations such as Les Eglises (Chelles), La Criée (Rennes) and Staatliche Kunsthalle (Karlsruhe) while his videos have been singled out at festivals including TIFF (Toronto), NYFF (New York), IFFR (Rotterdam) and FID (Marseille) to name a few.