• OFF TAKES – Hao JingbanCourtesy : Blindspot
    OFF TAKES – Hao Jingban
    Courtesy : Blindspot

    MK2 Grand Palais

    Film and video cycle


    Friday, Nov 10


    AU-DELA DES MONTAGNES - Jia Zhang-ke - 126” - 2015
    With: Zhao Tao, Yi Zhang, Jing Dong Liang
    VO : Mandarin, English – Subtitles : FR

    4pm: performances

    TANKER - Noémie Goudal - 6” - 2013
    Courtesy : Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire
    Production: Spectre

    Tanker is to be taken as an animated photograph. The crew of an oil tanker, dressed in white, is filmed going down an endless ladder in a 23 meters deep tank. They form an uninterrupted chain up to the last man who closes the march and rises towards the only zenith opening. Noémie Goudal explores the poetics of industrial space and the possibilities of its appropriation, between reinvention of the place and cyclic rituals.

    ON THE BEACH - Goran Skofic - 24” - 2016
    Courtesy : Galerie Dix9- Hélène Lacharmoise

    A single frame. Sea, sky, and a beach. And many people who are headed somewhere. Some are looking for something, some are waiting for something. Some are quiet, some are talking. Some are by themselves, some are in the company of others, and some aren't here. Some can hear something, others pretend they do. Some aren't certain whether they've seen all of this before, others think that things used to be different. Some are looking for something better, while others stay in from of the screen, watching them leave.

    VB 62/SPASIMO PALERMO - Vanessa Beecroft - 26” – 2008
    Courtesy : Galleria Lia Rumma, Milan - Naples & Caroline Smulders, Paris

    Since 2008 sculpture is the genre that the artist has been exploring and “redefining”, together with performance art, in what has increasingly become an investigation and synthesis of the terrain vague that unites “the arts of time and the arts of space”. “The unnatural juxtaposition between the life and warmth of the bodies and the cold stillness of stone - says the artist - highlights the melancholy and fascination of sculpture”. The performance VB62 held by Vanessa Beecroft in the Church of Santa Maria dello Spasimo in Palermo recalls the tradition of late baroque Sicilian sculpture, transforming the simple use of stucco into a refined art form.
    A group of gesso sculptures and a group of women, below the apse of the church, raise questions about notions of the real and the unreal, maintaining an unbridgeable gap between the figures and the public.

    OFF TAKES – Hao Jingban – 21"18 - 2016
    Courtesy : Galerie Blindspot

    Since 2012, Hao Jingban has been conducting research and filming for Beijing Ballroom project. She traces the present ballrooms in Beijing to the two waves of ballroom dancing in the early 1950s and post-Cultural Revolution late 1970s. In the three years of shooting, Hao attempts different video languages to explore these interweaving historical narratives. Hao’s most recent video work “Off Takes” (2016) originates from the discarded footages from this project. These personal life stories, bound up in the shifting courses of political climates, had once failed to be interpreted because of their historical distance and the absurdity of reality. Through the reaorganization and reactivation of these once deselected fragments, Hao meditates on the semiotic and affective relations between image and message.


    LE CLAIR DE TERRE - Guy Gilles - 95” - 1970
    With: Patrick Jouané, Edwige Feuillère, Annie Girardot
    VO : Croatian – Subtitles : ENG

    Movies at 4pm are screened in the original language with English subtitles