Photo: Martin Schoeller © Pernod Ricard
Photo: Martin Schoeller © Pernod Ricard

Martin Schoeller & Pernod Ricard
Inspiring Action  


For its 42nd Carte Blanche, by New York photographer Martin Schoeller, Pernod Ricard decided to step outside of the box for a genuine face-to-face. Eighteen employees from around the world faced the artist's lens, just the way they are. The result is 18 portraits whose simplicity is exactly what gives them their power and intensity.

A master of portraiture, Martin Schoeller has adapted his famous Close Up series to a private commission for the first time. Using the same light, frame and angle, Schoeller – who works only with traditional film – reveals each model's uniqueness by plunging into the depths of their gaze. From this objective representation pours forth all its beauty and complexity.