Visuel: Soleil noir, Temple d’Héra, Dune Varela, 2017
Visuel: Soleil noir, Temple d’Héra, Dune Varela, 2017

BMW presents
Dune Varela  


« Always the Sun » 
Lauréate de la Résidence BMW 2016.

Dune Varela, winner of the BMW Residency, works on landscapes and their representation. Spanning timeframes, she ponders the fragility of the photographic support with pictures culled from museum Nicéphore niépce collections and the Internet or her own photographs. Printed on plaster, glass or ceramic, her images beckon us to places steeped in mythological or mystical meanings that have become part of our collective consciousness. 

Traces of time and history at these endlessly photographed tourist sites are eroded until the artist’s interventions finally finish them off. Photography, which fulfills the need to remember but is also a metaphor for what is no longer there, invents new temples as vulnerable as itself. 

Presented by BMW