Programming for the film sector is developed in collaboration with Pascale Cassagnau, Head of Audiovisual Collections and New Media at centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), and Matthieu Orléan, Artistic Advisor at La Cinémathèque Française, drawing from films and artist videos proposed by Paris Photo 2018 participating galleries. The programme is enriched with a selection of films from the Cnap collection and the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection.
The field of contemporary film creation constitutes a platform for unique expression of heterogeneous approaches, which do not cover what would be the strict territory of video or cinema. A new object is produced, unidentified and fascinating because of the contradictions it creates (with humour, with confusion, with desire, always with commitment). We are faced with a territory of scattered aesthetic experiences arranged on an imaginary map with points of convergence, drawing, in conclusion, the opposite of a stable and unified figure. These films, long or short, analogue or digital, made by filmmakers or photographers alike, are crossed with a multitude of hypotheses about creation, reality, history, intimacy, identity. This undecidable and necessary territory is theirs, alone, giving way to a subjective statement (with or without words) about the contemporary world - in full emancipation. The film programme conceived for the 2018 edition of Paris Photo aims without exhaustiveness, to unfold a part of this map, to survey this territory and explore these new practices through a selection of works in different formats and on various themes which are in constant subversion within a circuit of communication and consumption.
Free access upon presentation of your Paris Photo ticket - Seating is limited.


Subject to modification

- White isles of the south sea – Aline Diépois & Thomas Gizolme
- Jusqu’aux regions qui gisent au-delà de la mer - Romain Kronenberg
- Le laveur de carreaux - Anna Malagrida
- An ecstatic experience - Ja’Tovia Gary
- Giverny I negresse - Ja’Tovia
- Cycladic figures - William Leavitt
- Une eclaircie - Yo-Yo Gonthier
- Goldblatt - Daniel Zimbler
- Die eulenspieglerin -  Ulrike Rosenbach
- Tanz für eine frau -  Ulrike Rosenbach
- Devour - Carolee Schneemann 
- Precarious - Carolee Schneemann
Tout à mal tourné - Gérard Rondeau – Baudoin Lebon Gallery
The Eye of The Bull - Juergen Nefzger - Françoise Paviot Gallery
- Gastropoda – Joan Fontcuberta - Françoise Paviot Gallery
Yesterday's Sandwich - Boris Mikhailöv - Suzanne Tarasiève Gallery