Talks & conversations 

The Platform
Guest curator: Mouna Mekouar

Friday 10 november


Conversation with Helga de Alvear (art Collector),
Marta Gili (Director, Jeu de Paume) & Mark Roe (Head Curator, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection).


The photograph deceives and shows that it deceives.

1.45pm - 2.45pm

Carte Blanche Students 2017 with
Leon Billerbeck,
William Lakin,
George Selley,
Alexey Shlyk,
 and Vincent Marcilhacy (Director, Picto Foundation).

3pm - 3.45pm

Conversation with Martin Parr (Artist)
and Marcelo Brodsky (Artist).

4.15pm - 5pm

Conversation with Alfredo Jaar (Artist)
and Ismail Bahri (Artist).

5.30pm - 6.15pm

Conversation with
Alexandre Lenoir (Artist) and 
Taysir Batniji (Artist).

CANCELLED 6.45pm -  7.30pm

Programme proposed by
Miho Kajihoka  

Curator and Art Critic Mouna Mekouar will seize the complexity of the photographic medium in order to cross it with the approach of different artists who have felt the need to integrate it into their own work. There will be, therefore, as many responses as questions asked by the artists. Multiple and plural, their works are direct emanations of reality and/or interior projections of the psyche. They condition - according to different models of perception - our ability to see and participate in the making of our gaze. According to the situation, the artists bestow a share of darkness upon these images; they render the image its share of the shadows; explore their changing status and ubiquity; push further their links to art, their limits with the real; but also, explore the erasure process of an image by itself, in a backwards game that plays with the phenomenon of dematerialization.